Latex Leggings and Bloomers

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In our shop you will find latex leggings and bloomers as well as sets combining them with latex blouses and tops. We offer latex leggings, bloomers and fashionable pants in various colours and lengths.If you are interested in latex rubber clothing, you’ve come to the right place, because you will definitely find something for yourself here.

More elegant, classic or high-waisted leggings as well as latex bloomers are also available. All rubber leggings are available in all sizes: s, m, l, xl, xxl or can be made to measure. We also offer other latex garments from the store with which you can combine effects.

Our latex leggings and bloomers are distinguished by the high quality of the materials from Radical Rubber, so you will certainly be satisfied with your choice.Detailed descriptions of each product will help you make a decision. Latex leggings and bloomers are the starting base for most styles and the basis of every latex lover, so you should choose sexy rubber garments in which you will feel comfortable and  look stunning.